Commercial Mixers

Ribbon Blender Machine

This Ribbon Blender Machine Use For A Large Capacity & Large Quantity Powder Mixing Process.

Model : OMRBSL

Capacity : 2500KL TO 25000KL

MOC: SS304 / SS316

Double Cone Blender

This Double Cone Blender Use For Many Types of Medicine powders & Food Powder Mixing Process.

Model : OMDCB

Capacity : 500KL to 7500KL

MOC: SS316 / SS304

Industrial Mixer Machine

This Industrial Mixer Machine Is Widely Use In Different Industries. Like Detergent Powder, Talcum Powder, Cosmetic Powder More Industries…

Model : OMRBG

Capacity : 100KL to 10000KL

MOC : SS304 / SS316

Vertical Mixer Machine

This Vertical Mixer Machine Is Use For Liquid Material. Like Juice, Jam More Liquid Materials.

Model : OMVM

Capacity : 100KL to 2000KL

MOC : SS316/ SS304/ Mild Steel


Drum Blender - Drum Mixer

This Drum Blender Is Use For Mixing Two Or More Different Fine Powders, With Good Mixing Efficiency. 

Model : OMDB

Capacity : 150KL to 6000KL

MOC : SS316 / SS304

Powder Mixer Machine

This Powder Mixer Machine Widely Use For Different Industries Powder. Like Pharma, Chemical, Cosmetic, Detergent More…

Model : OMPM

Capacity : 100KL to 10000KL

MOC : SS316 / ss304  

Rotary Drum Mixer

This Rotary Drum Mixer Widely Use For Larger Batch & Fine Powders. This Mixer Rotate Both Side, For Good Mixing Process.

Model : OMRDM

Capacity : 200KL to 6000KL

MOC : SS316 / SS304

Conical Screw Mixer

This Conical Screw Mixer Specially Made Screw Type Mixer. This Mixer Basically Use For Mixing With Feeding.

Model : OMCSM

Capacity : 200KL to 1000KL

MOC : ss316 / ss304

V Blender-V Mixer- V Cone Blender

This V Blender Is Widely Use In All Types Of Industries.This Blender Work Vertical & Rotate, With Good Mixing & High Speed.

Model : OMVB

Capacity : 100KL to 7000KL

MOC : SS316 / SS304

Industrial Mixing Tank

This Industrial Mixing Tank Use For Mixing Different Liquid. Like Fruit Juice, All Types Of Jam & All Juices.

Model : OMIMT

Capacity : 100kl & 1000kl

MOC : SS316 / SS304